CBA Brand Toolkit

Canadian Beef Advantage

The Canadian Beef Advantage is a national branding strategy to promote ‘leadership in animal health and beef safety’ both in Canada and internationally.

The Canadian Beef brand logo represents the Canadian Beef industry as a whole, so it is vital that it be presented properly to strengthen that image and build positive recognition around the world.

The Canadian Beef Breeds Council is incorporating the logo in all its communications. Breed Associations, associate members and producers are also encouraged to use the brand logo.

The logo suite is available, together with a guidelines for use manual.

These guidelines are designed to ensure use remains consistent through all media applications. The rules of application in this guide apply to all uses of the identity. We can help you if you have questions.

Breed Associations and associate members are requested to track and report to CBBC their use of the brand logo in activities funded through the Canadian Cattlemen Market Development Council. 

This zip file includes the logo files in formats to suit use by graphic designers. Download this zip file and send to your designers or direct them here to access it.

For more information or guidance on your use of the CBA brand logo, contact CBBC: 403.730.0350 - or learn more at

The Canadian Beef Advantage brand and logo was developed by the Canadian Cattlemen Market Development Council that includes the Canadian Beef Export Federation, the Beef Information Centre and the Canadian Beef Breeds Council.