Other Loan Products

In addition to traditional sources of financing, consider these alternate loan programs and debt products:

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Breeder Co-op Loans

Description Term Interest Rate
Cows and Bred Heifers -5 year contract
- Finance up to 85%
Payment Frequency Available Loan Amount Notes
When calves are sold. Max $150,000, with possible increases with approval - All animals must be branded
- Mandatory insurance required
- Legal cap remains at $1,200 for bred heifers and $1,100 for youthful cows
- Can finance own cows, just need a certified brand inspection.
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Agriculture Canada - Advance Payment Program

Description Term Interest Rate
Calf Crop, Hogs and variety of crops A production cycle (Due end of Sept)

Max 18 months
First $100,000 interest free. Remainder at Prime + 3
Payment Frequency Available Loan Amount Notes
When Commodities sold Maximum of $400,000 - Must Participate in AgriStability to be eligible for the program.
- May need a priority agreement signed by the bank
- For cattle advance, will advance different amounts depending on the weight of calves at sale time. Advance amounts of:
400 - 700 lbs - $250
700 – 1249 lbs - $385
1250 lbs+ - $550
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